About Us

Fru&Ver is one of the largest trading companies in Spain for fresh fruit and vegetables with more than one thousand items from almost 60 countries. Its development is intimately linked to discovering and sharing the tastes of fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world.

Cia Fru&Ver Madrid S.L. was created in 2004 as a distribution company for fruit and vegetables and has gradually grown thanks to a close relationship with its suppliers and clients. Over this time it has forged partnerships with farmers, creating new companies that have gradually been incorporated into our production chain.

Our company is formed by a team of more than 60 highly skilled people with lots of experience. We are proud to have maintained a relationship over many years with our clients thanks to our commitment and to our joint work in order to continuously improve quality and service.

We wish to thank you for visiting our website and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions, we would be delighted to help you.

What are we looking for

We aim to create value in the supply chain of fresh fruits and vegetables, both for our customers and suppliers, seeking excellence in all areas of our operation through continuous improvement.

To be the most reliable distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables in Spain, recognized for its effectiveness and professionalism..

The satisfaction of our customers is our goal
The quality / price ratio defines our market positioning
Effective decision making and good practices ensure our success
Achieving our agreements and believing in honesty
Growth through geographic diversification and expansion Compliance with the law and internal codes of ethics
Respect and Collaboration among all
Recognition and constructive criticism determines our work environment
Be surrounded by the best professionals in all our areas

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