Our Suppliers

Our Producers: Heroes

With increasingly limited resources, the continuous risk of weather events, an uncertain economic environment and ongoing demands for high quality and flavourful products, growing is not an easy task, but our suppliers strive constantly to achieve it and grow the best produce every day.

Fru&Ver strives to help and motivate our producers with a skilled and involved team of staff in order to get the best out of each of our producers.

Market Information

We offer our producers continuous guidance about market trends, regulatory changes, information about competitors, as well as extensive experience of the Spanish and European markets.

Product Knowledge

Each product category is managed by a business unit, with all the resources of Fru&Ver at their disposal. The category manager has a broad vision, linking production to market demand and constantly seeking value opportunities.

Our category managers keep our suppliers continuously and establish sales and marketing strategies in the interests of the producers.

Relationship with the Producer

Communication is the key to a good partnership with our producers. Our team is in constant communication with our producers, and maintains a close relationship, both during the campaign and outside of it.

Joint Planning

It is the point when before the start of the harvest we meet to establish a requirements plan for the next campaign. Our category managers have broad and deep experience of the market, which enables them to make recommendations about sizes, packaging, varieties, harvesting times, optimal colour, among other aspects, in order to jointly establish the optimal strategy for the campaign.

Food Safety

This point is critical and complex and we try to offer the maximum support possible on this point. We request the maximum food safety standards from our producers: Global Gap, BRC, IFS and BASC.


We encourage the use of information and electronic traceability among our producers which enables us to identify any risk or potential problems in the most exact way possible.

Packaging and Labelling

We adapt our formats to the needs and availabilities of our suppliers and clients. We make recommendations to our producers about the optimal packaging format for each client profile, as well as labelling information in order to facilitate marketing.